Military Cremation Memorial Urn/Keepsake


Shipping to United States: $4.00

Military Cremation Urn / Memorial Keepsake uses real Military inert 50 BMG round mounted on marble type base.

This can be used as a urn for cremation ashes or a lock of hair or whatever you might fit in it to remember a loved one.

Made to sit on a shelf or desk top or mantle...where ever you choose.

Get enough to share with other family members so that every person can have something to remember a loved one by.

Screw in projectile seals it and makes it easy to add what you wish and then you know for sure what is in there !!!

Available as Plain so that you can add whatever finishing touches you wish ( medals, ribbons , etc. or add the buttons shown and glue them on to make it uniquely yours. ( in case different family members want to remember something special to them ).

The Flag button is included with the one with buttons. Choose the military branch from drop down box.

Base is covered in felt to avoid scratching the sitting place.

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