223 bullet chain pulls or key chain or necklace


Shipping to United States: $3.50

Brand New .223 Bullet available as ceiling fan chain pull, or key chain, or key ring, or necklace.
These are never been fired bullets that have no powder or cap.

All items priced as per each.

The ceiling fan/light pull chain is brass colored and is 6 inches long with connector attached to just snap them onto your existing pull chain. These can be shortened if desired by clipping the chain to desired length and re-attaching the connector.
Great gift idea and really gives that tired ole fan a new look. Great for hunter or military

The 223 key chain is about 2 inches long ( not counting the bullet ) and is woven nickle plated with the side catch to allow easy opening and closing when desired but stayes locked to keep the keys from coming off ( see photo ).

The key ring is nickle plated finish of the split ring type. Once the keys are on they will not fall off.

The necklace is nickle plated bead/ball type and is 24 inches long but can be shortened if desired by clipping and reattaching the fastener.

All or any of these are a really neat way to show that you support our 2nd amendment rights !!

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